Yours, Anne: The Life of Anne Frank

Yours, AnneYours, Anne: The Life of Anne Frank
By Lois Metzger IndieBound Local Independent Bookstores

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Anne Frank’s diary is combined with memories from people who knew her to create this biography.

From the author:

I wanted to write a book to accompany Anne Frank’s diary—the story of her life from the very beginning (literally, her birth—where she was mistakenly identified as a boy) to her lasting legacy.

I received a letter from the California Center for the Book:

“Kaitlyn Kimball, a California grade school student, earned State Recognition in the annual Letters About Literature contest with a letter to you about your book, Yours, Anne. This year there were nearly 70,000 contestant entries…. [the contest] invites students to write a letter to an author, living or dead, explaining how that author’s book altered their way of viewing the world and themselves.”

Kaitlyn wrote, in part:

“Reading your book made me do a second take on my perspective of the world. It made feel as if the world was just one big black hole of disagreements… This book gave me mixed emotions because on one hand it was extremely well written and on the other hand it disgusted me for how cruel the Nazis are. I thank you for showing me how lucky I am and for showing me a different perspective on the world.”