Anthologies Edited by Lois Metzger

Bones: Terrifying Tales to Haunt Your Dreams

Spine-chilling, original ghost stories by some of today’s best writers, including R.L. Stine, Richard Peck, Margaret Mahy, Todd Strasser, and more. These bone-chilling stories by some of today’s top writers may keep you awake at night! More>>

Bites: Scary Stories to Sink Your Teeth Into

When it comes to vampires and werewolves, what you don’t know can bite you.

It is widely believed that vampires are dead people brought back to life. Their sole purpose is to suck the blood of the living, which can turn the living people into vampires, too.

Not necessarily… More>>

Be Careful What You Wish For
Be Careful What You Wish For: Ten Stories About Wishes

What if you knew—beyond a doubt—that your wish would come true? What would you wish for?

We’re all heard the old stories about how wishes can backfire. A sausage can end up stuck on the end of a nose. A poor couple in a run-down hut can live in a palace for a time and end up back in the hut. If only there were rules for this kind of thing! More>>

Can You Keep a Secret
Can You Keep a Secret?: Ten Stories About Secrets

What is a secret?
Knowing something that others don’t know.
Keeping something hidden and making sure that others never find out.
Protecting a friend, a family member, someone you barely know.
Why is it sometimes so hard to keep a secret?
Because it can be thrilling, even powerful, to have a secret.
And it’s a kind of test.

The Year We Missed My Birthday
The Year We Missed My Birthday: Eleven Birthday Stories

You are invited…

Here are eleven birthday presents from eleven writers who have written new stories just for this book. They’ve written about characters whose hopes were high, whose hopes were dashed, whose greatest wishes come true, and who get more than they could possibly have imagined. More>>